Mike Goldberg: FightMetric Mouthpiece?

It’s always nice when folks let us know they enjoy our stats, but an even bigger pleasure is knowing that people are using them for their own purposes. We’ve helped several MMA writers add color to their stories with some stats, and our in-depth fight reports are used (and mis-used) in arguments across countless forums.

Veteran UFC announcer Mike Goldberg has used some FightMetric stats on-air in the past, but no mention was more explicit than during the UFC 83 telecast. During the St. Pierre-Serra fight, Goldberg not only used several statistics we published in our article at Yahoo Sports, but immediatebly afterward, he quoted verbatim from the article, labeling St. Pierre, “maybe the best functional wrestler in MMA today.”

We maintain a liberal attribution policy when it comes to quoting numbers we’ve made publicly available on this site or others specifically because we want to see the ideas spread even independent of the FightMetric name. Indeed, Goldberg might simply be prohibited from mentioning the name of a site or company that isn’t an official UFC sponsor. But given the potential exposure, if you were faced with this situation, what would you feel more of, disappointment or pride?

Source:Mike Goldberg: FightMetric Mouthpiece?