The System Doesn't Like Rashad Evans

We’re having some technical difficulties with the home page and it’s prevented us from posting a bunch of the material we’ve prepared in advance of UFC 88. The one thing we have posted is the career TPR Report for Rashad Evans.

Rashad is precisely the type of fighter that the FightMetric scoring system undervalues. Specifically, a fighter that relies on takedowns and positioning without keeping active with strikes, submissions, and guard passes. Taking a look at the whole of Rashad’s career, his median TPR is 58.5, which is extremely low, considering that he is undefeated. Compare that to Chuck Liddell, who, despite five losses, has a median TPR of 79.

Stay tuned for more material over the next week or so. Once we get the technical glitches worked out, there’s plenty of stats to cover.

Source:The System Doesn't Like Rashad Evans

Kelly and His Army Ready for Birmingham Brawl with Davis

Elliot Worsell, UFC – Don’t ever ask Liverpool’s Paul Kelly the famous adage ‘you and who’s army?’. It’s the sort of statement that may find you in a spot of bother. As well as being one of the hottest prospects in British mixed martial arts right now, Kelly also boasts one of the most vociferous and loyal fanbases of any of the UFC’s growing number of UK-based fighters.

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