Wilson Gouveia: Mum’s the word

Elliot Worsell, UFC – As a 12-year-old tearaway in Fortaleza, Brazil, Wilson Gouveia would drive his mother round the bend with worry. What’s he up to? When’s he coming home? Who’s he been playing with? A widowed parent-of-three, Mrs. Gouveia kept a tight and loving leash on her three children. A natural fighter, Wilson, the eldest, would be the one designated to look after the nest. The tough guy. The protector.

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Akihiro Gono: Just Like ‘Magic’

Elliot Worsell, UFC – Mild-mannered and malevolent, Akihiro Gono is the kind of fighter who’ll beat you down and then haul you back up and apologise. Before all that, he’ll strut to the ring with a jig, a smile and a fancy wig. Throw in some wacky Japanese music, a homage to native musician DJ OZMA, and you have, in a nutshell, the Akihiro Gono experience.

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