The System Doesn't Like Rashad Evans

We’re having some technical difficulties with the home page and it’s prevented us from posting a bunch of the material we’ve prepared in advance of UFC 88. The one thing we have posted is the career TPR Report for Rashad Evans.

Rashad is precisely the type of fighter that the FightMetric scoring system undervalues. Specifically, a fighter that relies on takedowns and positioning without keeping active with strikes, submissions, and guard passes. Taking a look at the whole of Rashad’s career, his median TPR is 58.5, which is extremely low, considering that he is undefeated. Compare that to Chuck Liddell, who, despite five losses, has a median TPR of 79.

Stay tuned for more material over the next week or so. Once we get the technical glitches worked out, there’s plenty of stats to cover.

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'Page Fought "The Law" and "The Law" Won

Or at least that’s the conclusion one could draw from the report released today with stats from the fight between Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Matt Lindland. The FightMetric system gives the fight to Lindland 29-28 for winning rounds one and three.

But that’s only half the story. The overall scores for the fight are 159-163, which falls within FightMetric’s four-point margin for error. That means the fight overall is a draw, which sounds more than reasonable. While Rampage landed more effective strikes, Lindland stayed busy on the ground and attempted five submissions.

What we’re learning over the course of the FightMetric project is that there probably should be many more draws in MMA than are actually called. In many cases, a controversial decision is controversial because the fight really was too close to call. But the ten-point must system makes fools of us all when judges refuse to call 10-10 rounds. Calling a round even carries the stigma of indecision, as if a better judge should have been able to spot the victor, even when there fairly shouldn’t be one.

Will this change anytime soon? Probably not. The reason seems clear: A close decision disappoints only the fans that thought the losing fighter won; a draw disappoints almost everyone.

Source:'Page Fought "The Law" and "The Law" Won

The Ultimate Fighter: Team Nogueira vs Team Mir – Episode One Recap

CAUTION: SPOILERS INCLUDED – With former series champions such as Forrest Griffin, Rashad Evans and Michael Bisping all making significant noise in their respective weight classes, it goes without saying that The Ultimate Fighter reality show has graduated some of the best young talent in mixed martial arts today. But what will become of the 32 fighters brought in to compete on the eighth season of the show, which premiered Wednesday on Spike TV? Let the journey to the finale begin.

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Nate Diaz – The Throwback

Thomas Gerbasi, UFC – At just 23 years old, Nate Diaz has a lot of time left to do great things in the sport of mixed martial arts. But a hundred years from now, no matter what the rising lightweight star accomplishes, if you want a glimpse at who he is as a fighter, you may want to put his April 2nd bout with Kurt Pellegrino into the time capsule.

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