The Stats from Belcher-Herman

It’s seemed quiet around here these days, but it’s only because the action has been going on behind the scenes. And there’s nothing like a bad decision to spur us to action.

Today we release the stats from last night’s fight between Alan Belcher and Ed Herman. Looking around the live blogs of the event, it seems most people scored the fight 29-28 for Herman. Check out the report to see if the FightMetric system agrees.

Source:The Stats from Belcher-Herman

Schafer Stuns Alexander; Guida, Belcher Victorious at UFC Fight Night

Thomas Gerbasi, UFC – Popular local light heavyweight Houston Alexander promised a new level of aggression in his homecoming bout against Eric Schafer tonight at the Omaha Civic Auditorium, but while ‘The Assassin’ certainly did his part in pushing the pace, it was the non-stop ground attack of Schafer that ruled the day as he submitted Alexander in their furiously paced UFC Fight Night bout.

Source:Schafer Stuns Alexander; Guida, Belcher Victorious at UFC Fight Night

The System Doesn't Like Rashad Evans

We’re having some technical difficulties with the home page and it’s prevented us from posting a bunch of the material we’ve prepared in advance of UFC 88. The one thing we have posted is the career TPR Report for Rashad Evans.

Rashad is precisely the type of fighter that the FightMetric scoring system undervalues. Specifically, a fighter that relies on takedowns and positioning without keeping active with strikes, submissions, and guard passes. Taking a look at the whole of Rashad’s career, his median TPR is 58.5, which is extremely low, considering that he is undefeated. Compare that to Chuck Liddell, who, despite five losses, has a median TPR of 79.

Stay tuned for more material over the next week or so. Once we get the technical glitches worked out, there’s plenty of stats to cover.

Source:The System Doesn't Like Rashad Evans

Don't Forget About Sherk

It’s been all BJ all the time the last couple of weeks here, as we ramped up to UFC 84 with a few detailed reports of his fights. Today marks the release of the career TPR Report for BJ Penn and we have an article up at Yahoo Sports with some really interesting information about BJ’s jiu-jitsu and the way he passes guard.

But don’t think we forgot about Sherk. While the majority of his fights have been in smaller organizations, and thus, do not have readily accessible video, we are doing the best we can to learn what we can about Sherk’s time in the UFC. The first product of that study is released today, a detailed report on his fight with Nick Diaz. This is one of those odd fights where all three judges agree precisely on the scoring, but the fan community is up in arms. As the stats show, the fight was extremely close, nearly a draw. What are the chances that Penn-Sherk is that close?

Source:Don't Forget About Sherk