BJ Penn's Love/Hate Relationship…

…with the UFC Lightweight Championship.

The UFC’s 155-pound class has had its ups and downs, and it seems like every one of those spikes has involved BJ Penn. Penn was the last man to contend for the title before it was stripped from Jens Pulver, the last man to contend for the title before the weight class went on hiatus, and the first man to contend for the title after it was stripped from Sean Sherk.

The fact that Penn failed in his first two attempts to capture the belt still rankles some to this day. His first attempt ended with a rare majority decision loss to Pulver. His fight for the vacant title against Caol Uno ended in an even-rarer draw. Both of these decisions are among the most controversial in UFC history.

Today marks the release of FightMetric reports for both Penn fights, against Jens Pulver and against Caol Uno. While the Pulver fight was at least close enough for Pulver to take two rounds, the Uno fight was hardly competitive. Penn takes it 49-46, but has an overall lead of 180 points over Uno.

It’s imporant to keep in mind that these two fights were contested when MMA judging was still in its relative infancy. At that time, judges were much more like to score a 10-8 or 10-10 round than they are now. As much as folks like to complain about decisions these days, MMA judging in this country has most certainly improved in the last six years.

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UFC 80: Rapid Rundown

Here’s my rundown of a card I’ve been looking forward to for months. too many good fights to mention but Marcus Davis, Jason Lambert, Kendall Grove along with a title fight and what right now might end up a numberĀ 1 contenders fight.
Legendary fighter BJ Penn is returning to where his career began, 155, […]

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