Domestic Violence Warrant Forthcoming For Andrea Lee’s Husband

Some big trouble could be coming for Andrea Lee’s husband.

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UFC fighter Andrea Lee’s husband is in trouble again – and this time it’s much more serious.

Donny Aaron will face an arrest warrant on charges of false imprisonment and domestic violence battery. The incident allegedly happened late on August 4 and into August 5. The warrant was first confirmed by

The Shreveport PD confirmed the “forthcoming” warrant to MMA Fighting. Spokesperson Cpl. Angie Willhite said the warrant would soon be issued today. The police incident report clarified that officers responded to a domestic incident involving two people who have been legally married with one child. Photographs of the incident were taken in order to chronicle the alleged attack.

The alleged incident resulted in Lee reportedly suffering an injury. The attack also allegedly involved a weapon.

MMA fighter Andy Nguyen lives with Aaron and Lee and was concerned because of a pattern of abuse. She issued a statement online detailing her experience. Nguyen confirmed she called the police after witnessing the incident. Aaron allegedly tried to choke Lee and burn her arm with a cigarette. Lee allegedly tried to escape into their daughter’s room after that. Nguyen said that Aaron’s father attempted to intervene.

She described a scene where Aaron was allegedly violent due to drugs:

“I opened up the door and was like ‘Donny, leave her alone. He looked like he was lost. He hadn’t slept in two days, he was drinking for two ******* days straight. I don’t know what he is on.

“I’m backing up as he is coming towards me. Andrea was buttoning up her shorts and she was barefoot and ran out the back door.”

New Incident

Nguyen went on to detail her surprise at the incident. She also described the extent of Lee’s injuries

Violence had been going on for years, she said, but she had never seen it:

“He was trying to choke her, but she was defending herself well. She didn’t get beat up bad. The police did take pictures of marks on her neck. Wasn’t bad this time. No black eyes or anything but he has hit her before. I just wasn’t there. He was my coach and my friend. This was the first time this was in [my] presence and I was not going to let this fly.

“The domestic violence has been going on for years. I just never saw it. I didn’t call the cops until it got physical and I couldn’t do nothing anymore,”

Nguyen said she couldn’t lose another friend to domestic violence on social media:

The Controversy Rages On

Aaron previously came under fire for his controversial tattoos involving Nazi symbols earlier this year. Lee was quick to vehemently defend her husband, but this is a bad look because of the alleged violence. He apologized profusely on social media yet refused to get his offensive tattoos covered or removed nonetheless.

Aaron is a multi-time offender who has spent time in prison. He was found guilty in 2009 of negligent homicide with a firearm after shooting a man, Ronald Jamison, and killing him. Aaron was arrested on a battery charge after allegedly another man while awaiting trial for the negligent homicide in 2007. Aaron was arrested for possession of drugs this February.

Lee is a promising young contender in the UFC women’s flyweight division thanks to her dangerous striking. The former kickboxing champion made her UFC debut in Chile this May, defeating Veronica Macedo.

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Marlon Moraes Tells Dillashaw To Defend Or Vacate

Marlon Moraes wants his title shot immediately.

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Marlon Moraes wants TJ Dillashaw to defend or vacate.

Current UFC bantamweight champ Dillashaw comes fresh off a successful 135-pound title defense. He knocked out rival Cody Garbrandt in the first round of their UFC 227 main event meeting in Los Angeles earlier this month.

Prior to that bout, former Olympic gold medalist Henry Cejudo dethroned Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson from the 125-pound throne. Cejudo subsequently called out the winner of Dillashaw vs. Garbrandt for a superfight.

Dillashaw has since expressed interest in fighting Cejudo if the opportunity presents itself. This is something that has upset No. 4-ranked bantamweight Marlon Moraes. The Brazilian is on a three-fight winning streak since November.

His last two wins have come by way of knockout early in the first round. Moraes’ last outing really impressed the mixed martial arts (MMA) community. He handed Jimmie Rivera his first defeat in nearly a decade with a 33-second head kick knockout.

Moraes feels as though a bantamweight title shot is warranted after his recent run. Speaking on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show recently, Moraes said he feels as though Dillashaw and coach Duane Ludwig are ducking him (quotes via MMA Mania):

“Yes man, 100-percent,” Moraes said. “But the situation now is kind of getting crazy becasue Dillashaw and Duane Ludwig, they are calling the shots now. They want to match me up with Dominick Cruz, other guys. Why, man? Stop matching me up and just fight me.”

With that being said, Moraes isn’t opposed to fighting a Dominick Cruz instead of Dillashaw. But if the 135-pound champ wants to drop down and fight Henry Cejudo, Moraes wants Dillashaw to vacate the title. This would allow him and Cruz to fight for the 135-pound crown:

“I feel like he (Cruz) had a long layoff. I agree with him, he is one of the best ever. But we got to see how he is now. Make a comeback, fight somebody else to see where he’s at,” he said.

“If T.J. goes down and vacates the belt, I would be more than welcome to that opportunity. It’s going to be an honor for me to fight such a great fighter like Dominick Cruz.

“I saw last week he said guys don’t talk about him, but I always talk about him. He is one of the best and I always look up to him,” he added. “The day I have to fight him, I am going to be down for it.”

Moraes continued on to assert his belief he deserves the title shot:

“I have no idea what UFC wants, but I am going to be down and I won’t say no. I just think I deserve the chance and I deserve to fight this guy. If he wants to be the best he has to fights the best and I think I’m at the top now,” he said.

“I’m waiting man, I am waiting for the opportunity. They know I’m down for fights and I want to fight. I want to work and I want to fight for the title. Let’ see if they can put all that together.”

Finally, Moraes said he would fight former champion Dominick Cruz if Dillashaw didn’t want to defend the belt:

“I think so, especially now that T.J. wants to do anything but not defend the belt. I want to fight, Dominick said he wants to fight. If he (Dillashaw) don’t want to fight, vacate and let us fight.”

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Lyoto Machida Fires Back At Gegard Mousasi, Addresses Possible Fedor Fight

Lyoto Machida has fired back at Gegard Mousasi and ‘The Dragon’ talks of a possible Fedor fight.

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After a few recent steroid accusations, it’s no surprise that Lyoto Machida fires back at Gegard Mousasi.

‘The Dragon’ doesn’t take kindly to callouts and accusations. Machida and Mousasi have some history. ‘The Dragon’ holds a unanimous decision victory over the current Bellator middleweight champion from a five-round affair back at UFC Fight Night 136 in 2014.

Mousasi has since accused Machida from everything to greasing to ********. ‘The Dragon’ doesn’t take kindly to those accusations.

”Everything Mousasi says only motivates me,” Machida told MMA Fighting in a recent interview. “I have a win over him and I think he’s a little bothered by it. But I think it’s an easier fight to promote now. I’m very motivated and I want this opportunity, especially with him as a champion.”

“Fighting in Bellator is a dream come true for me. Having a belt is a bigger dream,” he continued. “But I just got to the promotion, one step at a time. I have to fight first, feel well, and then think about this. I want the Bellator belt. I’m not here to be part of the roster and just fight. I came here to become champion and remain champion for as long as I can.”


Machida may still have the drive to compete with the best in the world but whether or not he can physically do it remains to be seen.

He does, however, hold some strong opinions on the anti-doping debate. Machida had an 18-month suspension handed down to him via the United States Anti-Doping Agency for disclosing his use of 7-keto-dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA).

The former UFC champ approves of the goal in mind but doesn’t approve of how USADA handles some situations.

“I’m in favor of the anti-doping system in the sport, I believe it’s good for the sport, but I’m not in favor of how USADA deals with many cases,” Machida said. “I think sometimes they are too harsh and don’t take into consideration how the situation occurred, the athlete’s past, similar situations that could be seen when making a hard decision on a professional athlete’s career, whose lives and depends on it.”

Machida wouldn’t confirm he left the UFC because of USADA. He is glad to be free of their strict whereabouts system nonetheless.

“I won’t say I left the UFC because of USADA, no way, but today I feel lighter without USADA,” he continued. “I feel lighter. The thing that you have to report where you are going generated so much stress. Today I’m free, more relaxed. I’m living happier in that aspect.”

Fight With Fedor

An added perk to signing with the Scott Coker-run promotion is fight leniency. That is, fighters have the freedom to fight outside of their normal weight class. That being said, could we really get Machida vs. Fedor?

Machida says it’s possible.

“A fight with Fedor (Emelianenko) would be a superfight,” Machida said. “I’m a fan of Fedor, have been a fan since he was in PRIDE, a great champion, and since I like to challenge myself, new challenges, that was one of the offers that came with my move to Bellator. Of course, fighting Fedor would be an honor, a dream.”

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Kevin Lee Aiming For Anthony Pettis At UFC 229

Kevin Lee is aiming to fight Anthony Pettis at UFC 229.

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It’s no surprise to see Kevin Lee aiming to fight Anthony Pettis at UFC 229.

Lee (17-3) is currently the No. 5-ranked lightweight in the world. Pettis (21-7) occupies the  No. 8 spot, just three places behind Lee. A fight between “Showtime” and the “Motown Phenom” actually makes a lot of sense.

According to Lee who spoke with ESPN on Monday, he suggested a fight between him and Pettis to be added to the UFC 229 card.

When asked how the UFC responded to the suggested bout Lee said, ” I think the UFC likes the fight”.

The “Motown Phenom” has been in the news as of late. A rumored Nate Diaz fight was hinted at prior to Diaz’ return being announced against Dustin Poirier at UFC 230. Then Lee tried to lure Georges St-Pierre back out retirement for a fight.

That fight won’t be happening. Lee understands it’s just business.

“I get his reason for not taking a fight against me,” Lee said regarding GSP. “I’m a big risk and not much reward. I get it. I’ll move past it.”

“That said, I kind of took it a little bit as disrespect. I took it as a little bit of a challenge, that he doesn’t see me as worth his time. I’ll make my point. If I have to show how good I am again, and Anthony Pettis has to be the victim of it, then I’ll beat the f— out of Anthony Pettis.”

As of this writing, Lee doesn’t have an official fight scheduled for UFC 229, however, things can change very quickly in this sport and often they do. Regardless, Lee wants the rest of the division to know that just because he hasn’t been doing as many interviews as of late doesn’t mean he has fallen off.

“I’m the best lightweight out there, for sure,” Lee said. “Not only that, but I’m getting better and better. I’m constantly looking to improve myself. That’s why I’ve even stayed out of the media for bit, I’ve been working on my skills. Whatever the UFC decides, I’m going to be ready to go on Oct. 6, ready to make that weight, even if they don’t find me an opponent.”

Despite being ranked No. 5 in the lightweight division, Lee says the UFC was pushing him to move up to 170 pounds. Lee thinks that move is to protect the promotion’s undefeated champion, Khabib Nurmagomedov:

“They said that just because they’re trying to push me out of the division,” Lee said. “They’re trying to keep me away from the Russian [Nurmagomedov] boy for as long as possible. I’ve been calling him out for years. I get it, they have a big market in Russia they want to push into, and I’m bad for that business.”

“They’ll try to spin it and say it’s about my health, but at the end of the day, if you put me and Khabib on a scale right now, I’m lighter than the guy. I’m lighter than a lot of guys fighting at 155.”

If the UFC grants Lee his wish and books the ‘Motown Phenom’ v.s ‘Showtime’ at UFC 229, MMA fans will win.

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Scott Coker Expresses Interest In Eddie Alvarez Bellator Return

Could “The Underground King” be on his way back to Bellator?

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Eddie Alvarez could potentially return to Bellator MMA.

“The Underground King” has developed an amazing mixed martial arts (MMA) career over the years. Alvarez has been fighting professionally since December of 2003. In his time as a fighter, he has fought for both Bellator MMA and the UFC.

Alvarez signed with Bellator MMA back in 2009. He even competed on Bellator 1 and defeated Greg Loughran in the quarterfinals of a lightweight tournament. He’d go on to become the promotion’s first 155-pound champion of all-time.

After a successful run that lasted about five years, Alvarez finally signed with the UFC in September of 2014. Alvarez’s relationship with Bjorn Rebney’s Bellator brass, as they engaged in a lawsuit in regards to his contract status, was extremely poor.

Upon signing with the UFC, Alvarez saw great success inside the Octagon. He earned wins over the likes of Gilbert Melendez, Anthony “Showtime” Pettis, and Rafael dos Anjos. The latter earned him the UFC lightweight title.

He even participated in the main event of the UFC’s first MMA event from Madison Square Garden. Alvarez headlined opposite arguably MMA’s biggest star of all-time, Conor McGregor, in a lightweight title defense. Despite losing, Alvarez earned a lot of notoriety from the platform.

Alvarez recently fought out the last fight on his previous UFC deal. He was defeated by Dustin Poirier via second-round TKO. If allowed to hit the open market after a potential exclusive negotiations clause, Alvarez would instantly become one of the hottest free agents in MMA.

Bellator MMA President Scott Coker joined Luke Thomas on The MMA Hour to discuss the situation. He admitted that, if legally allowed, he’d “love” to talk to Alvarez about a potential Bellator return (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“I don’t think we’ve talked to Eddie, but listen, if he wants to reach out and have a conversation and he’s truly a free agent and we’re not interfering in anybody’s contract, we would love to talk to him,” Coker said.

“I think the guy has done a lot of good work in building his brand here in the U.S. Obviously, he’s had some great fights with Michael Chandler here in the past. We want to talk to every free agent out there that’s a big star, and I think Eddie is still a big star.”

Should Coker ink Alvarez to a deal in the future, it wouldn’t be the first time the promotion has lured fighters away from the UFC. In recent years Bellator has landed fighters such as Rory MacDonald, Gegard Mousasi, Benson Henderson, Phil Davis and many more:

“There’s somebody here, there’s somebody there,” Coker said. “It’s not like there’s hundreds or even 10s and 20s of athletes.

“It’s more of, there’s a big star here or a big star here or a medium star there. But they’re out there and we’ve been plucking them away one by one. And we’re gonna keep shopping and we’re gonna keep growing this roster.”

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Rose Namajunas Says Joanna Jedrzejczyk “Just Sounds Stupid”

Rose Namajunas thinks it’s time for Joanna Jedrzejczyk to move on:

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After beating her twice, Rose Namajunas says Joanna Jedrzejczyk just sounds silly.

The UFC women’s strawweight champion feels this way because longtime former champ Jedrzejczyk won’t let their two fights go. Namajunas defeated her by knockout at UFC 217 and then again at UFC 223 earlier this year.

Jedrzejczyk thought she won the second time and has continually said as much in the media. Namajunas thinks it’s beginning to sound a bit ridiculous because it’s time for Jerdzejczyk to move on. The champ told MMA Fighting she was only making herself look silly:

“It don’t really bother me. I know at this point it just kind of sounds silly. The more she talks, the more she just makes herself sound stupid. For me, I like to just try and be positive about everything as much as possible.

“Of course, you can get dragged into silly ****. I just remind myself that she was a great champion. I looked up to her at one point in my life for a reason and I just try and remember what she did for the sport and just kind of leave it at that. She was a great champion, but now it’s my time. And eventually she’s gotta come to terms with that and be OK with it.”

Jedrzejczyk may claim to have won the second fight, but meanwhile, Namajunas isn’t buying that she really believes it. The current champ has a specific reason why as well:

“I think you can just look at her face after our second fight, just look at her face and know how she really felt. Body language kind of shows more than what the words really say or mean. To me, it looked like she was trying to make herself believe in it, that she really won. When she really knew, at the end of the day, that I won the fight.”

Namajunas thinks Jedrzejczyk was a great champion due to her lengthy reign. But she isn’t sure she truly wants to fight the best like she claims:

“I don’t know what she’s thinking, really,” Namajunas said. “But I know what she’s saying and she’s saying I’m scared of this or that. I think all that’s really showing is she don’t want to fight the best. She don’t want to fight me, when she knows I’m the best. She wants me to try and lose to somebody else or something, so she can challenge them or something. But she don’t really want to beat the best — and that’s me.

“Regardless of whatever she wants, whatever is gonna happen is gonna happen and I’m gonna still keep living my life and just remember that she was a great champion. She was a great champion.”

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