Jon Jones Teases Comeback Unlike ‘Anything You’ve Ever Seen’

Jon Jones is hinting at an absolutely massive UFC return.

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It’s that time of year when Jon Jones teases his latest MMA comeback.

The troubled MMA legend has been on the sidelines since last August. Jones tested positive for anabolic steroid Turinabol prior to his UFC 214 win over Daniel Cormier. The failure was his second such infraction under the UFC’s current anti-doping program.

Precious little information about his case with USADA has been revealed since. Rumors have been swirling he will return soon, however, due to him getting off with a one-year suspension. Jones is fueling those rumors with a passion.

“Bones” recently tweeted about his journey. He promised fans they have never seen what is coming next:

Every part of the journey matters. Triumphs and setbacks all combine to make the climb what it is supposed to be. My feet are dug in and I have clear motivation as to what I’m going after and why. I promise you’ve never seen anything like what’s coming

Jones has been rumored to be returning to face longtime rival Alexander Gustafsson at November’s UFC 230. None of that has been confirmed due to his ongoing issues with USADA.

Jones is still considered to be MMA’s greatest fighter by many. He remains the only man to defeat current UFC double champion Daniel Cormier.

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Report: Curtis Blaydes vs. Francis Ngannou Set For UFC Beijing

A truly massive heavyweight showdown is reportedly set for UFC Beijing.

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Curtis Blaydes vs. Francis Ngannou is reportedly set for the UFC’s first foray into Beijing.

Sources told ESPN that the fight will headline the event on November 24, 2018. Both camps have agreed to the fight.

The bout is also a rematch of their 2016 fight which Ngannou won by TKO via doctor’s stoppage.

The surging “Razor” comes into the bout off of by far his biggest win. He finished former title challenger Alistair Overeem via brutal TKO at UFC 225 earlier this year. Blaydes has won five of his six UFC bouts since. The lone blemish was a no contest in his original TKO win over Milstead. That result was overturned when Blaydes tested positive for cannabis.

Ngannou, meanwhile, will come into the fight off a concerning two-fight skid. The once-touted challenger was on top of the MMA world as recently as this January. He knocked out Overeem with one of the more brutal uppercuts MMA has ever seen to earn a shot at then-champion Stipe Miocic at UFC 220. Miocic proceeded to throttle Ngannou over the course of five rounds.

He then went on to face Derrick Lewis in one of the summer’s most anticipated fights at UFC 226 in July. The bout was one of the most jaw-droppingly boring fights in UFC heavyweight history. Ngannou lost by unanimous decision to put his future in question.

“The Predator” had knocked out or submitted six straight foes prior to the losing streak.

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Brock Lesnar Tested Three Times In First Month Back Under USADA

USADA is keeping a close eye on Brock Lesnar – as they should.

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As expected, USADA is keeping a close eye on USADA.

Ahead of the hulking “Beast’s” expected UFC return against heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier, Lesnar has already been tested three times in his first month back under the UFC’s anti-doping protocol.

That’s according to the USADA website which chronicles athlete testing history and was updated on August 1 (via Bloody Elbow):

Lesnar is infamously still suspended for positive tests for a banned estrogen blocker in conjunction with his decision win over Mark Hunt at July 2016’s UFC 200, a bout that was eventually overturned to a no contest when Lesnar was fined $250,000 and suspended for one year by the NSAC.

The former UFC heavyweight champion retired shortly thereafter, freezing his suspension that would have otherwise long been expired. Lesnar will be eligible to return to the Octagon on January 8, 2019, at the earliest.

The controversial pay-per-view megastar recently returned to mixed martial arts at July 7’s UFC 226, storming the cage following Cormier’s historic knockout win over Stipe Miocic to shove “DC” and create a carnival-like scene in the wake of one of the most accomplished victories in the sport’s history.

While it was derided as far too much like pro-wrestling by many onlookers, that’s clearly what the current regime running the UFC wants – for better or for worse. Now, it’s just a matter of Lesnar being able to get past all of USADA’s tests until his fight with Cormier actually happens.

Hold on to your seats, because that’s no given.

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Anderson Silva Destroys Daniel Cormier’s GOAT Denial

Anderson Silva just put Daniel Cormier in his place.

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This week, Daniel Cormier claimed that only two fighters could join him in the conversation for MMA’s greatest fighter of all-time.

The two high-profile names he left out of the conversation were predictably Jon Jones and Anderson Silva, dominant, dynamic champions who destroyed endless top contenders in the Octagon but also had their careers muddied by drug test failures for performance-enhancing drugs.

Silva responded to the slight in a recent interview with CBS Sports, saying Cormier got lucky when he saved his paycheck at UFC 200 two years ago, and even luckier because he wasn’t even the best fighter at light heavyweight:

“So, it’s very interesting because I take the fight against Daniel [on two days’ notice at UFC 200 in 2016] and I had been training absolutely nothing for months and I had surgery already in my body and I took the fight in saving Daniel money because Jon Jones failed the test. But it’s very interesting Daniel talking about that because when you have problems, everybody has problems.

“When you talk about people, you need to be careful because you never know about your life. You never know about your future. I think Daniel is very lucky and completely lucky because never beating Jon Jones, of course, because Jon Jones in my opinion is the best fighter at 205 [pounds].”

Silva continued to go off on Cormier for his UFC 200 performance, claiming “DC” was lucky he didn’t take the fight for five rounds and only laid on top of him, which he did. “The Spider” respects Cormier, but said he was crazy to talk about him and Jones:

“When I took the fight, Daniel didn’t do nothing. He was completely lucky. He was more lucky because I didn’t take the fight for five rounds and just three, and he don’t do nothing but just hit the ground and use his weight. Why are you talking? Why does Daniel talk?

“I respect, but Danny don’t have to talk about that because I’m very sad about that. That’s the first time I saw this news. I respect Danny, but when he is talking about me and Jon Jones, he’s completely crazy because Jon Jones is the best fighter. I tried to make everything perfect inside the cage for my fans. I don’t know but it’s OK … this is Daniel Cormier.”

Silva then expressed his respect for Jones, the man who beat Cormier and is still considered by many to be by far the best light heavyweight in UFC history.

“The Spider” wasn’t sure about “Bones’” upcoming hearing with USADA, but hoped he returned soon:

“I don’t know. I love Jon Jones, he is my young brother and I hope he comes back fast.”

The longtime former champ has had enough of Cormier’s trash talk and claims, and now that he’s eligible to return after he was exonerated on his second failed USADA drug test, Silva is getting his name back out in the media.

He may not be considered the greatest fighter to ever compete in the UFC by Cormier, yet Silva put “DC’s” position in sharp perspective with his comments – even if it is shrouded by Jones’ controversy.

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Daniel Cormier Reveals Only Two Fighters Can Join Him In GOAT Conversation

Agree with Cormier’s assessment of the GOAT discussion?

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There’s been a lot of conversation about just whom is the greatest of all-time in mixed martial arts lately.

The debate was kicked into overdrive when Daniel Cormier won the UFC heavyweight championship with a first-round knockout of Stipe Miocic at UFC 227, dethroning a record-setting champion and putting himself near – or some would say at – the top of the decorated list.

Many still claim that disgraced former light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, who owns two wins over Cormier (one recognized and one illegitimate), but several also believe “Bones” should be disqualified due to his repeated drug test failures. Cormier is among those doubters, not surprisingly, and he recently revealed only the two fighters he believed could be considered the GOAT due to their similar dominance and clean records on the Slip N’ Dip Podcast (via MMA Mania):

“Demetrious, Georges St-Pierre, these guys have none of these bad things tied to their names and these are the guys I should share the conversation with. I’ve never had any negatives and I’ve never had to go in front of any commission and explain why my test came up messed up. That’s why I should be in the conversation because I’ve done things the correct way.”

Cormier may have a good point in that regard. Both St-Pierre and Johnson have always been nothing less than dominant champions and model citizens in terms of passing drug tests while serving as ambassadors to their sport, similar to Cormier.

However, each has their own points of detraction as well, as Cormier will always have the two losses to Jones and hasn’t racked up a streak of title defenses like GSP and ‘Mighty Mouse,’ St-Pierre is always criticized for playing it safe during his late-career streak of victories, and Johnson’s competition in the UFC flyweight division will always be talked about as a reason he isn’t the greatest of all-time.

Jones is the most dominant fighter in history, and Silva arguably had the most impressive run as he finished contender after contender with beautiful knockouts never before seen in the sport. The legends will always have their careers questioned due to drug use, however, and rightfully so.

What do you think? Who is MMA’s GOAT in your opinion?

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Cain Velasquez Is Now Training With WWE

Is Cain Velasquez headed to the WWE?

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The lines between the UFC and WWE continue to be blurred.

Only two weeks after Brock Lesnar caused arguably the most pro-wrestling-inspired moment in UFC history when he stormed the Octagon and shoved Daniel Cormier following “DC’s” first-round knockout win over Stipe Miocic at UFC 226, one person close to the new double-champ has apparently been inspired by the scripted entertainment.

That man is Cormier’s longtime training partner and former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez. The former NCAA wrestling All-American has begun training with WWE in a story posted today on along with a video of Velasquez’ training. The man who many believed would be MMA’s greatest heavyweight ever lauded his time with the promotion:

“My experience here has been amazing,” he said. “All the athletes here have just been really easy to talk to — ask questions and get good feedback,” Velasquez said. “I’m just looking to be in here and learn as much as I can in the time that I’m here. I’ve been a fan of the sport since I was a little kid, now I get to participate in it. It’s great that I have all this accessible to me.”

Despite being one of the most dominant forces during the time he was able to make it to the cage, injuries have repeatedly sapped Velasquez of his ability to compete with any degree of consistency, unfortunately sapping an otherwise all-time great of his prime.

Velasquez has been out of the Octagon since UFC 200 over two years ago, where he brutalized Travis Browne in a one-sided fight. But he was removed from his soon-scheduled rematch with Fabricio Werdum shortly thereafter after describing some concerning injuries that lead to the presiding athletic commission to decide – and probably rightfully so – that he could not compete.

For those reasons, his MMA return is unknown, but that doesn’t mean Velasquez is taking it easy in his workouts with WWE:

“It’s tough,” Velasquez said. “It’s tough on the body. It’s tough mentally. But it’s fun. This is what I love to do — I love to compete and work out and I can get to do that here.”

Velasquez reportedly developed an affinity for the WWE after attending their Elimination Chamber PPV this year to see Ronda Rousey’s official signing. Cormier is obviously a huge fan as well, with his willingness to meet Lesnar head-on in a scene many called scripted all too apparent.

Regardless, with the WWE lending the UFC Lesnar and Velasquez now training in pro-wrestling, the connection between the two seems much stronger than it ever has been before. But as many hardcore MMA fans have pondered, is that necessarily a good thing?

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