10 Biggest Post-Fight Meltdowns In MMA History

Check out the 10 biggest post-fight meltdowns in MMA history.

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From the very beginning, there has been a fair share of post-fight meltdowns in MMA history.

Whether it was MMA’s original bad boy, Tito Ortiz, nearly inciting a riot with the Lions Den after his victory of Guy Metzger or Ronda Rousey going AWOL after losing the women’s bantamweight title, post-fight freakouts are must-watch TV.

The term meltdown or even freakout is a bit subjective. So for the purpose of this list, we will define meltdown as ‘a sudden loss of control over one’s feeling or behavior.’

So with that in mind, we scoured the combat sports landscape to bring you 10 of the biggest post-fight meltdowns in MMA history.

The list starts here, enjoy.

Jon Jones

Daniel Cormier

Before Daniel Cormier became the undisputed “baddest man on the planet” by defeating Stipe Miocic at UFC 226 and thus becoming the first man ever to hold both the light heavyweight title and the heavyweight strap at the same time, he was one of the internet’s hottest memes.

Cormier met his longtime rival Jon Jones for the light heavyweight title at July 2017’s UFC 214 from Anaheim, California. Although “DC” faired well in the early going of the five-round fight, Jones was the better man on that night. He knocked Cormier out with a third-round head kick to regain the title before testing positive for ********.

Sadly, the image of a grown man in tears is what most people remember from UFC 214.

The crying face Cormier meme quickly became the web’s newest way to express one’s unpleasantries, joining the famous crying Michael Jordan meme in the process.

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12 Most Shockingly Late Stoppages In MMA History

We broke down 12 of the most brutal late stoppages in MMA history:

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First and foremost, a referee’s priority in an MMA fight is to ensure the safety of the two combatants. But unfortunately, over the years there has been a disturbingly long list of late stoppages in fights where this simply has not been the case.

In this article, we’ll look at 10 of the most shockingly late stoppages in the history of the MMA, in which fighters have had their health, safety and on occasions even their very lives endangered due to referee negligence, incompetence and, lack of judgment.

Pat Curran vs. Joe Warren

Joe Warren had to endure a shocking amount of punishment at the hands of Pat Curran during their featherweight title encounter at Bellator 60 in 2012.

The champion Warren was badly hurt by a big knee to the head early in the third round of the fight and reeled backward half-way across the cage on unsteady legs before Curran unleashed several hard, clean punches that snapped his head back against the cage.

Two more knees then dropped Warren to the mat, and as more punches followed, color commentator Jimmy Smith declared, “this is going to be stopped right now!”

Except it wasn’t. Instead, referee Jeff Mallot stood by and watched as the dazed Warren somehow managed to stand, only to be rocked again by another punch that left only the chain-link fence keeping him upright.

The onslaught continued despite Warren turning his back on his opponent, then again falling back against the cage as his legs almost gave out under him, before a flying knee was followed by several brutal uppercuts that delivered the KO finish.

In total almost 20 seconds passed between Smith stating the fight was going to be stopped and it actually ending, while from the moment he was first stunned by the knee, Warren endured the better part of 40 unanswered blows.

Fellow fighter Sean McCorkle admitted to being, “genuinely afraid” for the former champion’s health after witnessing him having to be practically carried back to his dressing room, where he reportedly began vomiting, though thankfully he was later given the all-clear at a hospital.

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10 Times MMA Stars Went Crazy Overseas

Some major MMA stars went crazy overseas in the early days of the sport.

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MMA is a global sport, and as such stars often find themselves traveling overseas to all kinds of exotic and outlandish locations to train or fight.

As you’ll see in this article, that can often lead to some of the craziest, scariest and most bizarre experiences of their lives.

Eddie Alvarez Knocks Out Mafia Man In Russia

Back in 2007, ‘The Underground King,’ Eddie Alvarez was the welterweight champion for Bodog Fighting Championships and traveled to St. Petersburg, Russia, to defend his title against Nick Thompson.

Following the event, he attended an after-party on a yacht hosted by one of Bodog’s owners from Russia, where, according to fellow fighter Chael Sonnen who was also in attendance that night, a Russian gangster at the party punched one of the Bodog ring girls.

Outraged by what he’d just witnessed and not realizing who he was dealing with, Alvarez then stepped forward and knocked him out cold with one punch.

Sonnen says that portion of the story is 100% true, but admits that he doesn’t have concrete proof of what happened next, though the rumor was that Alvarez was then escorted from the yacht by Russian mobsters and taken out to the middle of nowhere, where a hole was dug and his life was threatened before they finally set him free.

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Six Biggest Takeaways From UFC 227

History was made at UFC 227. Check out our biggest takeaways here.

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The UFC put on a second consecutive barnburner of an event in as many weeks with last night’s (Sat., August 4, 2018) highly entertaining UFC 227 from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

Just like last week’s UFC on FOX 30 from Calgary, Alberta, UFC 227’s top two bouts delivered some huge drama in the co-main event and a huge TKO in the headliner.

The main storyline of UFC 227 was, of course, the shocking ending of longtime UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson’s historic run when he lost a close decision to Henry Cejudo, a result that is still being debated over now. Not to be outdone, bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw scored a second straight TKO over Team Alpha Male rival Cody Garbrandt, ranking him up amongst the best bantamweight fighters of all-time.

So while UFC 227 may not bring in monstrous pay-per-view sales just like UFC on FOX 30 brought record-low ratings, it was an amazing event thanks to the top two title fights and a host of other performances elsewhere up and down the card. Check out our six biggest takeaways from the event here:

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Demetrious Johnson Deserves An Immediate Rematch

After Cejudo outlasted “Mighty Mouse” via close split decision, he took advantage of the moment and called out the winner of the Dillashaw vs. Garbrandt main event to come, citing that he would do what Johnson never wanted to and move up in weight for a champ vs. champ super fight.

There’s no denying the timing and excitement of such a callout in the current era of entertainment-focused super fights in MMA, and it’s refreshing to see more rising stars like “The Messenger” call out their shots. However, with immediate championship rematches having been handed out for far less than Johnson’s 11-fight string of title defenses, there’s simply not another fighter who has ever deserved one more than “Mighty Mouse.”

And it’s not like Cejudo dominated Johnson and stopped the fight – he won a split decision that many feel should have gone to the former champion.

Johnson has some serious injuries to heal up from that may postpone the fight, yet Dillashaw didn’t seem to think that Cejudo was really deserving of a 135-pound title shot.

He’s right. Cejudo should rematch “Mighty Mouse” when the all-time great former champ is ready to return.

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10 Insane Stories About MMA Legend Bas Rutten

Only Bas Rutten could find himself in these insane – and hilarious – situations.

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A true mixed martial arts (MMA) pioneer, UFC heavyweight champion, Hall of Famer, and three-time King Of Pancrase, Bas Rutten enjoyed a storied career in the sport before moving on to commentate for the legendary PRIDE organization in its heyday.

He’s also renowned for being one of the most colorful, charismatic fighters ever to compete in either the ring or the cage.

“El Guapo’s” antics outside of fighting are also legendary, and in this article, you’ll discover just that as we recall 10 of his best stories featuring everything from crazy car crashes to chaotic barroom brawls.


Swedish Bar Fight

Of all Rutten’s stories, the most infamous occurred one drunken night back in the mid-1990s at the renowned Spy Bar in Stockholm, Sweden.

Before he even entered the nightspot that night, bouncers had warned the star not to cause any trouble, but even though he did little more than party hard, it wasn’t long before they took him to the side and insisted he leave.

Though he agreed, the bouncers seemed intent on causing trouble and started shoving him before things escalated further when one lunged forward and poked him in the eye.

Karma was served swiftly, however, as Rutten landed a single punch that knocked the bouncer out. But he still had 4-5 others to contend with, and so as he continued fighting he realized he had to make his escape. After running down a staircase he noticed a rack of broomstick handles and grabbed one to help defend himself, but then thought better of it since his pursuers might also use them, so he put it back and continued on.

Unfortunately for him, when the bouncers passed the same area they all grabbed the makeshift weapons and then cornered him at the exit, which was locked, leaving Rutten trapped. He turned to face them, ready to go down swinging, but the approaching bouncers suddenly stopped. Puzzled, Rutten turned around and saw that a swarm of police cars had shown up and were now waiting outside the exit.

Rutten ended up being thrown in jail that night and was facing six to nine months behind bars due to the fact that one of the people he’d KO’d turned out to be a policeman, but after some negotiation, he was released a few days later without charge with quite a story to tell.

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Seven Biggest Takeaways From UFC on FOX 30

Check out the seven biggest takeaways from the UFC’s thrilling return to Calgary last night:

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It took six years, but the UFC paid back Calgary MMA fans in a big way with last night’s (July 28, 2018) UFC on FOX 30.

Dana White has made many off-handed promises that he hasn’t seen through to the end. So when White vowed to come back to Calgary in a big way next time in hopes of redemption for what many people consider the worst UFC event in history, the Canadian faithful didn’t exactly hold their breath. Little did they know, however, this would be one of those promises that White would see through to the end, and in his promised big way.

UFC on FOX 30 lived up to the hype and then some. Every one of 13 fights delivered in its own way. Whether liver kicks are your thing or you prefer a good old fashion slobber knocker, UFC on FOX 30 had something for everyone.

We here at LowkickMMA are pragmatists, and so we strive to make your life as an MMA fan a little easier. That’s why we compiled our list of the seven biggest takeaways from an insane UFC on FOX 30.

Our list starts here:

Sergei Belski for USA TODAY Sports

Dustin Poirier “should” be next to challenge for the lightweight title:

Dustin “The Diamond” Poirier melted Eddie Alvarez in their main event rematch and in so doing cemented himself as the #1 contender to Khabib Nurmagomedov’s title.

Poirier turned pro back in 2009 and made his octagon debut just two years later at UFC 125 in January of 2011. “The Diamond” fought and won three times in 2011, the final time being at the massive UFC on FOX 1 card. Poirier has sure come a long way.

Few fighters have demonstrated the ability to continually evolve in the ever-changing world of MMA as Poirier has. Although his fundamental game has mostly stayed intact, the American Top Team (ATT) fighter continues to add to his “Thug-Jitsu” base, making him a serious contender in the deepest division of the sport.

Poirier’s KO of Alvarez did more than end their rivalry. It’s performances like that that earn title shots, and that’s exactly what “The Diamond” is expecting for his next fight.

If he actually gets it another story altogether, but with eight wins in his last nine fights against the 155-pound elite, he most certainly deserves it.

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